Nanoquest II


nanoquest ii

Intlvac’s Nanoquest ion beam etch (IBE) platform employs state-of-the-art features and proprietary design to meet the latest in nanofabrication requirements. With its inherent precision and ability to dry etch any material, the Nanoquest technology uniquely fits the need to repeatably remove diverse materials which are designed into innovative MEMS, optical, sensing, photonic, RF/microwave, passive power components, biocompatible, and memory devices.

Nanoquest II brochure

Nanoquest II brochure

Key Benefits

thin film coatings

  • Designed for clean room operation
  • Load lock chamber achieves very low pressures
  • High speed vacuum pumps provide fast pump down
  • Cooling channels provide efficient heat sink
  • Multiple viewports for complete process observation
Nanoquest Stage

The Nanoquest II can be configured for ion beam sputtering or ebeam evaporation or both. Also available is a motorized variable angle stage with rotation and temperature control. The system is suitable for Glancing Angle Deposition (GLAD) for manufacturing of effective medium materials. Talk to Intlvac about purchasing a dedicated system or upgrading to a GLAD stage.Nanoquest stage








High Performance

The Nanoquest comes supplied with 150mm and 100mm wafer platens for load locked configuration with carbon masks for smaller sized wafers. With uniformity of ± 3% over a 100mm diameter, and a repeatability of ± 2% wafer to wafer, the Nanoquest is the ideal platform for your process. GaAs element


On Site at Harvard

The Nanoquest II Ion Beam Etching system is currently in use at the Center for Nanoscale Systems in Harvard University. For their purposes, the system is utilized to etch diamond, Si, SiO2, TiO2, quartz, glass, LiNbO3 and metals with single wafer loadlock for 4" and 6" wafers. Nanoquest at Harvard








Atomic Layer Etching

The Nanoquest IBE directly regulates key plasma etch parameters such as ion energy, current density, and incidence angle. The Nanoquest IBE tools are configured to match the application whether it is the high aspect ratio and selectivity goal of a masked wafer or the high uniformity planarization of topographical diverse substrate. Recent advances in Nanoquest IBE technology include pulsed beam operation which address trends in atomic layer etching (ALE) developments.Atomic Layer Etching









On Site at Carnegie Mellon

Carnegie Mellon Nanoquest II IBE

For more information about creating a custom solution for your application, contact or 1.800.959.5517