Nanochrome IV UV VIS - Precision Optical Coating System


nanochrome iv uv vis

Introducing the Intlvac Nanochrome™ IV UV VIS ion assisted deposition system, Intlvac’s newest precision optical coating platform.

The Nanochrome™ IV UV VIS system will make complex optical filters via ebeam evaporation with ion assist under optical control for real time reoptimization or via standard deposition controls. Including a planetary stage with dual axis rotation and five 12 inch substrate carriers the system achieves a baseline uniformity of 2%.

The broadband optical monitoring system provides real time reoptimization of film layers and provides automated process control in reflection or transmission mode.

The Nanochrome™ IV UV VIS platform has a number of operator-friendly features: three separate, spring-loaded shutter viewports allow the operator to see the evaporation source, the high current ion source, and the sample stage directly.

During operation, a rotatable polarizer viewport with a periscope attachment allows for safe, direct viewing of the deposition source. Each planet can be loaded with one 12” substrate or an array of substrates to maximize coating capacity in each cycle. The operator can conduct real-time viewing of spectra and the system has an adjustable monitoring range from 400 to 1500 nanometers.

State-of-the-art deposition supplies allow unparalleled control over running processes and temperature control up to 275 Celsius. The Intlvac Nanocon interface provides digital control over all processes, one-button automation, and real time datalogging of all critical parameters. The Nanochrome™ IV is the world’s first production platform with the latest generation CTI variable speed cryopump.

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Nanochrome IV UV VIS video


NCIV Vat Valve


NCIV chamber interior


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NCIV user interface