Thin Film Deposition Systems

The Nanochrome Suite

  • Nanochrome TM Pico

    The Nanochrome TM Pico is the ultimate all-purpose prototyping and R&D physical vapor deposition (PVD) platform on the market.

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  • Nanochrome TM I

    Nanochrome TM I is an R&D / Pilot Electron Beam Evaporator with a variety of possible configurations.

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  • Nanochrome TM II

    Nanochrome TM II is the ideal platform for high temperature PVD processes. The system can be configured for a wide variety of deposition sources.

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  • Nanochrome TM IV UV VIS

    The Nanochrome™ IV UV VIS system will make complex optical filters via ebeam evaporation with ion assist under optical control for real time re-optimization or via standard deposition controls.

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