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Intlvac Thin Film Introduces Pleiades Cluster System

Intlvac Thin Film has added to its expanding system lineup with the Pleiades Cluster System. Pleiades is a modular, multi-chamber array featuring customizable configuration for complex processes under vacuum.

The Pleiades Cluster System offers the flexibility to enable the use of process modules such as:

Intlvac Acquires Latest Measurement Technology

spectrophotometerIntlvac Thin Film has added the Agilent Cary 7000 Universal Measurement Spectrophotometer to their research facility in order to better serve customer needs for the highest quality films. This state-of-the-art equipment allows us to deliver precision and consistent multi-angle spectrophotometric data for in house process development and coating services.

Intlvac Dual Chamber System Featured at University of Waterloo

oledIntlvac’s dual chamber thermal vacuum evaporation and electron beam evaporation system figures prominently at the University of Waterloo Giga-to-Nanoelectronics Centre. This system is designed for dual chamber evaporation in a high vacuum loadlock with material handling in an atmosphere-controlled glovebox.

Intlvac Develops New Process Recipes for its PECVD Diamond-Like Coating Machine

diamond like carbon Taking advantage of its knowledge in plasma‐based processing and thin film fabrication, Intlvac supplies turnkey Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) coating machines. Our DLC machine employs chemical vapor deposition technology, however we have enhanced the reaction kinetics by incorporating plasma activation.

Intlvac to Invest in Application Laboratory Upgrade

intlvac applicationsOver the years, Intlvac has equipped an Applications Laboratory making it available to our customers for product demonstrations, process development, and technology research. With a commitment to our Application Lab’s mission, Intlvac will proceed with a significant investment to update the labs capability.

Intlvac Unveils Latest Nanoquest Ion Milling Machine

mrs 2016 boothIntlvac generated significant buzz at the MRS 2016 Fall Meeting in Boston recently. A 3D model of the next generation Nanoquest Ion Milling system with electron beam and sputter deposition was on display during the show to allow visitors to get an 'up close' look at this multi-component system. The show was very well attended again this year. 

Intlvac Introduces its Optical Fiber Coating Machine

fiber metalization systemIntlvac's commercial coating business has been a significant success, taking on work that benefits from Intlvac's wealth of knowledge and experience in thin film deposition. For years, Intlvac has metalized the ends or sections of delicate optical fibers.

Intlvac Thin Film (ITF) Relocates to Fort Collins, Colorado (CO)

Fort Collins ITFIn its five years of operation in Niagara Falls, New York, Intlvac Thin Film has well served the vacuum process community. As a result of its success, Intlvac Thin Film will expands its role in the business of vacuum-based material process tools. Intlvac has a strong product quality reputation.

Intlvac Thin Film Welcomes Kent Rennie to its Staff

Kent RennieIntlvac Thin Film welcomes Kent Rennie to its staff.  Kent brings a wealth of profession experience and industry respect with over 20 years in the vacuum process industry.  His new position as Global Manager for Process Systems Sales and Marketing will benefit from his broad knowledge of deposition and etching processes.  Kent’s marketing intuition and successful business track record makes him well suited to a