Intlvac Thin Film Introduces Pleiades Cluster System

Intlvac Thin Film has added to its expanding system lineup with the Pleiades Cluster System. Pleiades is a modular, multi-chamber array featuring customizable configuration for complex processes under vacuum.

The Pleiades Cluster System offers the flexibility to enable the use of process modules such as:

  • Ion Beam Etching & Sputtering
  • eBeam Evaporation - Lift Off
  • Thermal Evaporation
  • Oxide & Fluoride Evaporation
  • Magnetron Sputtering Oxides & Nitrides
  • Magnetron Sputtering Metals
  • Atomic Layer Deposition

To learn more about the Pleiades Cluster System and how it can work for your facility visit the Pleiades page of this website. To discover how this or any system fit your application, contact Dino Deligiannis at

pleiades cluster system

Pleiades star cluster image courtesy Hermann von Eiff