Intlvac Thin Film (ITF) Relocates to Fort Collins, Colorado (CO)

Fort Collins ITFIn its five years of operation in Niagara Falls, New York, Intlvac Thin Film has well served the vacuum process community. As a result of its success, Intlvac Thin Film will expands its role in the business of vacuum-based material process tools. Intlvac has a strong product quality reputation. Its thin film deposition and etching tools center on Intvac’s competency in the application of plasma and broad ion beam technology. In line with Intlvac’s mission to uphold and advance its material process capabilities, Intlvac Thin Film has moved to Fort Collins, Colorado. The Northern Colorado region possess a meaningful history in plasma technology accomplishments. As a regional hub in plasma based knowledge, Intlvac Thin Film feels a presence in the area can be of strategic benefit to our technological base. Intlvac Thin Film looks forward to continue its success as it provides technological solutions to meet material process goals.