Intlvac to Invest in Application Laboratory Upgrade

intlvac applicationsOver the years, Intlvac has equipped an Applications Laboratory making it available to our customers for product demonstrations, process development, and technology research. With a commitment to our Application Lab’s mission, Intlvac will proceed with a significant investment to update the labs capability. In 2017, Intlvac will cycle out the old process systems and re‐populating the lab with new process tools built with contemporary design. Intlvac anticipates the turnover of equipment will transition over the course of 2017.

By the end of the applications lab upgrade, Intlvac’s goal will be to have installed operational tools with a breadth of process capability, including our Nanochrome IV enhanced magnetron sputtering system, Nanoquest I ion beam etching system, plasma enhanced CVD diamond like coating system, Nanochrome I long throw evaporation system and Midas optical fiber coating machine.