Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD)

Diamond Like CarbonThe PECVD for DLC system is fully automated using INTLVAC’s AUTOSYS Control System with touchscreen interface; the standard on all INTLVAC systems. This software package provides a simple, yet comprehensive graphical interface to all aspects of your system. The interface allows you to easily view, edit, save, and upload an unlimited number of recipes. The complete history of your system is recorded as well as individual runs in format ready to import to your favorite spreadsheet software for analysis.

Our unique design and processes allow for numerous consecutive coating runs before any maintenance is required to maximize your throughput.  Plus, the DLC system comes complete with recipes for Infrared Anti-reflection coating of Silicon and Germanium optics. 



DLC coating acts as a single-layer anti-reflection coating for high index substrates and it provides wear & chemical resistance for optical elements used in harsh environments.

12inch Silicon Optic with DLC


DLC provides advantages of bio-compatibility, wear resistance, and diffusion resistance.

Mechanical Engineering

DLC provides wear & corrosion resistance, low friction, and good thermal conductivity.

DLC on a Wide Variety of Substrates

IR Optics:

• Silicon, Germanium, Chalcogenide Glass


• Ultem, Polycarbonate, Polyimide, PEEK


• Crown Glass, UVFS, SF11, Sapphire


• Aluminum, Copper, High-carbon Steel

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