Nanoquest I - LL Sputter

nanoquest i load lock

The Nanoquest I Load-Lock Ion Sputtering System is an ideal platform for multilayer deposition of thin films onto single wafer substrates up to 4".

A three paddle sputter target carousel allows multilayer deposition of films that are not easily deposited by other physical vapor deposition techniques. The unique design of the stage allows it to rotate and tilt the substrate during deposition while maintaining a high rate of cooling in a high vacuum environment. Substrate stage is door mounted.

drichuck stationdisplay screenion source

Rack mounted touch screen with LabView interface, and Ether Net microcontrollers allow for automated: pump down, pressure control, gas flow control, and ion source operation. The system can be configured with 4cm D.C. or R.F. sputter source or 8cm D.C Kaufman style gridded ion sources for simultaneous pre-cleaning or ion assisted deposition.

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