Nanoquest II

nanoquest ii

Designed for clean room operation, the Nanoquest II keeps the etch module in the service area of the clean room. System components, such as shields and other serviceable items, are easily accessed in the service area. High speed vacuum pumps not only provide a fast pump down, but also reduce ion beam gas collisions. Nanoquest II Ion Beam Etching System combines a water-cooled, rotating stage, a 22cm RF ion source, an easily accessible stainless steel vacuum chamber, cryogenic high vacuum pumping system, automatic pump down and venting, atmosphere to high vacuum gauging, mass flow controllers, chamber cabinet, and electronic control console.

High Performance

The Nanoquest II can be supplied with 200, 150 and 100mm wafer platens for batch loading configuration with carbon, titanium or aluminum  masks for smaller sized wafers. With uniformity of ± 1.5% over a 100mm diameter, and a repeatability of ± 2% wafer to wafer, the Nanoquest is the ideal platform for your process.

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