Fiber Metalization System

The MIDAS Optical Fiber Metalizer is a dedicated production coating tool for metalization of optical fibers, for use in a hermetically sealed opto-electric package. Designed for a small clean room footprint, this load-lock system first cleans then applies a series of sequential coatings onto optical fiber. The goal of the multi-layer coating stack is to leave a thin layer of gold, uniformly distributed around the fiber so that it can be soldered into hermetically sealed packages.


  • Metal film stack of Titanium-Platinum-Gold and Titanium-Copper-Nickle
  • Complete one button operation after load-lock
  • 20 minutes per cycle, pump to vent. 60 fibers per run
  • A +/- 10% film uniformity. Film adhesion 1kg Bellcore pull test

Intlvac System Advantages

  • Unprecedented high-volume throughput
  • Low temperature deposition avoids damage of plastic on fibers
  • Uniform coating around entire fiber for accurate fiber alignments
  • Low target costs due to deposition material conveniently mounted on a ring on the magnetron guns
  • Ring Array easily facilitates customized deposition
  • Excellent adhesion strength resulting from Atomic Oxygen pre-clean
  • Load-lock design allows for coating of jacketed and connectorized components
  • Deposition Chamber utilizes a dry pump, eliminating contamination
  • A highly skilled individual is not required to operate the machine as the system is completely automated with an easy to use touch screen interface
  • Small Cleanroom footprint

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