Production Systems

Nanochrome II

The Nanochrome™ II is built around a vertical split “clam shell” design that has full access to the deposition area. The chamber stands as a vertical cylinder, nominal 32” I.D. and is 40” tall and is fabricated from 304L stainless steel. The chamber has a large variety of feed-throughs located on the top and bottom of the chamber, many of which are spares.

Nanochrome II - LL

Intlvac’s PVD systems are available with an automated load-locked substrate transfer option. Ideal for runs that are short, the load-lock allows the main chamber to remain at high vacuum, while substrates are removed or loaded. The classic Intlvac “clam shell” design accommodates either a single substrate platen or up to a 5 platen assembly.

Nanochrome IV - PARMS

The Nanochrome™ IV PARMS (Plasma Assisted Reactive Magnetron Sputtering), produces dielectric thin film layers by reactive magnetron sputtering with final reaction and film densification at the substrate surface using a high current, low energy ion source. Reactive operation results in faster deposition times, and operation at pressures lower than conventional sputtering provides higher film quality.

Long Throw evaporator

Our long throw Nanochrome I product targets the requirements in “lift‐off” vacuum deposition. In particular, the long throw Nanochrome I configuration optimizes the thermal evaporation of Indium for solder bump structures.