Nanochrome II - UHV

Nanochrome II - UHV

Intlvac’s Nanochrome™ II UHV (NCII-UHV) is the ideal platform for high temperature PVD processes. The system can be configured for a wide variety of deposition sources. Quartz Halogen IR heaters mean that temperatures in excess of 400°C can be achieved for deposition. Complete dry pumping achieves Ultra High Vacuum levels in the system. Intlvac’s LabVIEW based user interface and 19” touch screen provide a powerful yet user-friendly interface that you can configured for remote monitoring and control.

Chamber Design

The Nanochrome II UHV has a clamshell vacuum chamber with all metal seals and a differentially pumped double o-ring seal flange. The tank is fabricated from 304 stainless steel that has been electro polished for reduced chamber wall out gassing. There are three 4.5” Pyrex view ports on the chamber that can be fitted with bellows, sealed shutters, and polarizing attenuation filters so that you can visually monitor your process.

load locksputter ringsNanochrome II

 The standard single-substrate holder is mounted on a magnetically coupled rotary drive and can accommodate up to 10” substrates. The hollow shaft design allows for optical monitoring through the substrate. An optional domed-substrate holder provides for 12 × 4” wafers to be deposited in a “lift off” geometry.

A side entry load/unload port and load-lock chamber allows users to keep the main system under vacuum for long periods of time.

Process Methods

  • Ion Beam Assisted Deposition (IBAD)
  • RF, AC, & DC Planar Magnetron Sputtering
  • Co-Sputtering

A variety of deposition processes can be performed in the NCII-UHV such as electron-beam evaporation, thermal evaporation as well as magnetron sputtering.  For e-beam evaporation, a chamber shield is mounted at the height of the e-gun to prevent material deposition on the high voltage feeds and a pneumatically actuated cup shaped shutter is installed over the source to allow material outgassing prior to evaporation while still allowing you to see the crucible through a periscope viewport. All the deposition sources can be used in conjunction with an end-Hall ion source for substrate pre-cleaning and ion-assist.

e beam evaporationthermal evaporationmagnetron sputtering

The deposition process is controlled with an Inficon SQM-310 series deposition controller with three, shuttered crystal sensors. The controller actively measures and controls the evaporation rate of the metals from the electron beam gun and thermal source for single or co-evaporation from the thermal or electron beam sources.


  • Precision Optical Coatings
  • Optical Filters
  • Anti-reflective Coatings
  • Semiconductors
  • Superconductors
  • Dielectric Materials

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