OLED - Dual Chamber Evaporator

oled system Intlvac’s OLED System is designed for dual chamber evaporation in a high vacuum load-lock with material handling in an atmosphere-controlled glovebox.

The first chamber is capable of evaporating by resistance evaporation from six different evaporation sources. The system allows co-deposition between one pair of Low Temperature Evaporation Sources designed for OLEDs, as well as co-evaporation which allows material mixing (four OLED sources in total). The second chamber is configured for co-evaporation between two 15cc single pocket electron beam guns with a gridless and filamentless ion source that provides an oxygen ion beam for assist. The load-locks have a fixture for holding one 6” wafer, or flat pieces of glass. A water-cooled substrate holder made from OFHC copper is held in a 12” “squashed” half sphere chamber.

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