Mark I & II Ion Source Repair

Intlvac can restore your Ion Source to its original specifications. With every part that goes into the Mark II Source in stock at Intlvac we can repair and rebuild a source in less than a day. Each repaired/rebuilt source receives a full operational test under high vacuum before it is shipped to ensure that your Mark II is ready for immediate installation and operation upon return.

Mark I & II Ion Source Parts & Accessories

With over a decade of experience, you can trust Intlvac to supply you with spare parts and accessories for a number of gridded and end hall ion sources; including the Mark II ion Source. Since Intlvac is a major manufacturer of high vacuum systems, we carry our own  water- feedthroughs, baseplate adaptors, and thermal management products.

We can also help our ion source customers with various other system parts such as vacuum gauges, gaskets, quartz crystals, crystal head sensors, cryopumps, helium compressors, turbo pumps, ion sources grids, power supplies, sputter power supplies.  Call us if you are in a jam, there is a good chance we have something you desperatelly need. 

Mark I, Mark I+, Mark II, Mark II+ Power Supplies

Upgrade now from your old CSC 6 window ion source power supplies.  The CSC supply has not been produced for over 13 years now and consideration should be given to moving your system to newer technology.  Intlvac Thin Film inventories Veeco Mark II+, Veeco Mark I+ and our Intlvac Mark I and Mark II supplies. Please contact Intlvac to find you best solution.