Tetraphenyl Butadiene

Los Almos TPBTetraphenyl Butadiene, 1,1,4,4 Tetraphenyl-1,3 butadiene is an organic chemical compound used as a wavelength shifter. The TPB glows blue with an emission spectrum peak at 440 nm. Intlvac offers a TPB coating service. Our coating has survived immersion in liquid Argon and has been successfully applied on materials such as Aluminum, Acrylic and Teflon. We use our Nanochrome II system which provides an ultra-clean high vacuum environment for the coating. The coating service, or systems with the process, are available.

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"VUV-Vis optical characterization of Tetraphenyl-butadiene films on glass and specular reflector substrates from room to liquid Argon temperature" - Cornell University Library

The MiniCLEAN Dark Matter Experiment - Los Alamos National Laboratory

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Photo courtesy of Los Alamos Labs

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